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FGL-LICENSING is one of the leading independent lights of of the European music industry (for shows, synchronization, branding, digital and products distribution). 

Established in Paris in 1981, the company began life concentrating on the re-issue of major works from the popular music catalogue. It then became an active producer in the many domains of music. Nowadays, FGL-LICENSING’s repertoire runs to twenty of thousand of mastertracks including wordwide hits. 

The company also developed a publishing department and video production house for its many artists, along with the addition of documentaries and even the executive production of movies.

Every year, hundreds of tracks from our repertoire fit perfectly to illustrate television films, TV or Internet commercials,  branding, Movies  or video games soundtracks .

Since fourthy years, we are proud to work  with welknows artists such as RED ARMY CHOIR, BOLSHOI THEATER...

For new development axis of FGL LICENSING, we also has acquired  licences of production for shows to dedcated one department of our company to live performances. 

Strong experience with artists and theatre companies in the past means FGL LICENSING can offer major development in France, Europe and Eastern Europe to clients. 

Our company also uses its network of worldwide partners to produce every year the international tours of music artists or prestigious shows and concerts such as THE RED ARMY CHOIR, MAZOWSZE, CRAZY HORSE PARIS, JULIEN DASSIN (son of Joe Dassin Tribute Show), CINE-MELODIE, etc.

Thirty eight years after its creation we are proud of our company for its experience in disc production, video, music synchronization for movies or commercials, and organisation of shows in France and abroad

FGL… F as Fidelity, G as Generous, L as Liberated and independent since 1981

Red Army Choir poster Affiche des Chœurs de l'armée rouge



  In order to fully understand the power of the deep and mighty voices of the Red Army Choir, it is necessary to consider the history of Russia itself. The two cannot be separated. This choir of men, all of them soldiers of the revolution, had a fundamental role to play. Born to serve and sustain the fatherland, its task was to lift the morale of the exhausted troops, and it did so by glorifying the revolutionary ideal, allowing people to re-live the spirit of the October Revolution and the storming of the Winter Palace. As people listened to the Choir, the voices of these men, these soldiers, became the voice of the brand new U.S.S.R., the voice of the Soviets. 

This strong spirit sprang from a people who had suffered much: under the tsars, during the wars, throughout the revolutions, the famines and the political indoctrination. Through all of this, the spirit of the Soviets endured, rising again after every false step, strengthened by the hardships.
But the Russian people are also open and extremely sensitive to culture, art and literature. They are a people who have had to be strong from the very beginning because their roots lie in one of the harshest territories in the world.
Their spirit, and this, their choir, is truly exceptional. It has to be, because it is the soul of Russia, it represents the country, makes it grow and shine. It is a warm, brave soul, full of life and hope. 

Since its origins, only one russian ensemble is touring :  THE RED ARMY CHOIR which became RED ARMY CHOIR ALEXANDROV in 1978. Added this prestigious title when the Ensemble was honored by its state and could have the name of the creator and composer of world famous Russian anthem added to their name : Alexandre Alexandrov.
Since 1928, the world famous Ensemble is touring all over the world, visiting more than 100 of countries. performing more than 10.000 shows , in different languages, in front of more than 20 million astonished spectators.
Thos choir, musicians and dancers has performed in over 100 countries and in the most prestigious concert halls of China, Japan, Canada, UK, Germany and France. 

By the prestige and the eclectism of this military-artists, who mixes with great panache during the shows, the traditional melodies of the Russian folklore, the songs of the Patriotic War and also the most famous classic  or international varities. In 2016, the Ensemble need to be front of a tragedy : 64 artists from their artists line-up died in plane crash, including their leader and general (V.Khalilov).

A new and charistmatic conducter need to replace him, Gennadiy Sachenyuk is the providential man. Under its director, the Alexandrov survive to this drama and are now back on stage.

As well as Bolshoi, the greatest vocal Ensemble   remains  a world artistic treasure from Russia!  

The Ensemble now celebrate the 90th anniversary of its foundation! New Conductor Sachenyuk, nicknamed « The Maestro » decided to fly all over the world to celebrate this anniversary. The Red Army Choir Alexandrov are unbreakable !

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The Red Army Choir now celebrate the 90th anniversary of their foundation! New Conductor Cl Sachenyuk, nicknamed « The Maestro » decided to fly all over the world to celebrate this anniversary. The Red Army Choir Alexandrov are unbreakable !

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Worldwide Tour

For 65 years, the Ballet, Choir and National Orchestra of Poland has been performing on every continent ... Traveling nearly two million kilometers by sea, air or land to visit more than fifty countries and triumph on the planet in nearly 7,000 representations!

Created in 1948, the prestigious ensemble MAZOWSZE (pronounced "masov ché") has become over the years a veritable scenic phenomenon of singing and dancing. Crossing fashions and trends, magnificently perpetuating the dreams of its creators.
Its artists, graduates of the greatest ballet schools and music of their country, present a unique show composed of a ballet, a chorus of women and men, more than 100 people twirling on stage.

Incorporating more than 1000 hand-embroidered costumes by the best master craftsmen of the world. 1000 priceless costumes, often adorned with pearls, coral, some of which are nearly a hundred years old!

Polish Treasury!

MAZOWSZE offers an incredible show of costumes, from forty different regions. The public thus discovers the diversity of the heritage of the Republic of the Two Nations. Fabrics and silks succeed each other in graceful and rhythmic movements, like so many colorful paintings with rich ornaments.

MAZOWSZE's artists create veritable twirling tableaux, dressed in clothes sometimes weighing more than 15 kilos! Even more surprising, the special work of the material gives the impression to the audience that these fabrics are as light as silk!

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CLOWN THEORY by Jango Edwards

The art of the clown actor is not just a profession, but a lifestyle that demands an understanding of emotion, sensitivity, passion, pathos and the heart.

The essence of clown, in the pure sense, is a combination of innocence and maturity. The Clown Theory Encounter is a way of uniting these qualities so each participant can discover and develop their personal clown, and apply it to their life after the course is completed. 

A combination of 20 years of professional experience, simple awareness and common logic, enables the instructor to reveal the clown character within each of us.
Through the use of assorted games, physical activities, socio-logical demonstrations, improvisations and performance, each student will find his or her comic simplicity, innocence and logic, which are the fundamental ingredients of the clown formula. 

A play-environment is created, in which trust within the group ensemble can develop. This motivates the students to remember the innocence they have forgotten. It will also reveal present social and human conditions. 

It may sound complicated but in fact it’s simple : It is the simplicity that is difficult for us to grasp !

Clown is a social character in all realms of life. The performance situation, be it theater or circus, is probably the most common form through which we know clowns; but it’s the least important. 

The Clown Theory Class first reveals the innocence each of us has surrendered; and then proves it is never too late to recapture it again. It’s a challenge, it’s revealing but most of all it’s fun. 

Jango Edwards

Do not be serious!

Jango has tutored numerous actors in the past which assisted in their personal and artistic success. El Tricicle, Loco Brusca, Nina Hagen, Grace Jones, Slava Polunin, Venessa Redgrave, Le Nuls, Peter Shub, Santiago Segura and Aldo Giovanni and Giacomo are but a few of his prior students.

As a Clown Performer you will work with other professionals in an ensemble; relate to the audience in unpredictable and spontaneous situations and learn how to improvise and adapt in order to give the gift of laughter to an unsuspecting public. You will explore the role of the comic actor as a social warrior, laughter terrorist and mercenary of humor. 

“The world is a stage and each must play his part” might seem a cliché to some people but for the clown it is the truth.

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100% DASSIN, the show


JULIEN DASSIN, a dynasty of artists ...

 Son of the singer Joe Dassin, grandson of the filmmaker Jules Dassin, Julien is the third generation of this dynasty of artists, the DASSIN!

 After debuting as a comedian at the theater, he offered to the public a first album around the songs of Yves Montand; Three years before, he performed in the biggest cities of Canada and USA for a musical tribute to his father. In 2016, he recorded a new version of the "Champs Elysées" which was included in the album homage Joe Dassin (Double Golden record - Sony Music) surrounded by a famous Russian Choir with which he toured France and triumph five evenings at the Olympia in Paris.

 Julien Dassin also decides to surround himself with the best French musicians who form the Paris Tour Eiffel Orchestra (among them the drummer of his father Joe Dassin, the pianist and accordionist Charles Trenet, Charles Aznavour ...) and stage a a romantic and dynamic singing tour in which he pays tribute to his father but also to the greatest composers of French chanson!

On December 31, 2016 he was invited by the second Russian TV channel for New Year celebrations surrounded by a famous choir of the Russian Army. Then in March 2017, he began a new French tour (still in the company of the famous ensemble) and especially a week sold-out at Salle Pleyel in Paris. On the evening of the last concert, he flew to Moscow to appear on the boards of the Kremlin Palace, guest of honor of the evening presided over by President Vladimir Putin (March 28, 2017).

 On May 9, he is featured on the big open-air stage of Moscow's Gorki Park as part of the victory celebrations. The blood tie between Julien and Russia is not denied (Julien Dassin's great-grandfather and great-grandmother were Russian ... Julien likes to return to the land of his ancestors!).

 In June, he recorded a duet with Natasha St Pier for a musical to be released and returned to the studio to record an album with "Les Compagnons". Disc to appear in the fall of 2018 at MCA-Universal. After a week's residence, he performed with this ensemble in the East of France; before returning to the road in 2018 with the Paris-Tour Eiffel Orchestra with which he signed several successes on stage especially two years ago at the Automobile Club de France.

 Julien is the third generation of artists in this family whose name has been shining on the pediments of theaters and music halls for more than a century!

Dassin Team...

Julien Dassin musicians are famous french musicians with long carrier. Each of the played with most famous french artists including Charles Trenet, Charles Aznavour and even Joe Dassin himself!

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Ciné-Mélodie, le premier ciné-concert qui vous offre la bande son de votre vie.


History of Cinema in Music...

When Actor-singer tells you the crisp anecdotes of music and seventh art ... Between laughter and emotion.

Surrounded by 5 musicians of films and classical musicians of regions (optional), the actor transports the public in Hollywood, Cinécitta or the origins of the marriage of the Cinema and the music ... The musicians even making a demonstration of what lived the spectators in the dark rooms with the diffusion of rare extracts of the films of Max Linder and the music played live!

Soundtrack of your life

The first CINE-CONCERT that unveils the little stories behind the music masterpieces of cinema!
The most famous film music ... 

As if you were in a movie festival!

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L'Orchestre Paris Tour Eiffel, direction Jacques Ferchit accompagne Julien, fils de Joe Dassin



Even if the roots of this instrument go back to China (the sheng being the oldest known free reed instrument), the capital of the accordion is and remains definitively Paris!

The accordion dear to Chateaubriand, which became popular in France in the middle of the inter-war period, is today the eternal sound of the city of light.

Under the leadership of Jacques Ferchit (a well-known accordionist and conductor with an already busy career) surrounded by outstanding musicians (who crossed the road of Charles Trenet, Léo Ferré or Charles Aznavour) as Jacky Delance (pianist of Renaud, Charles Dumont, etc.) is created the PARIS TOUR EIFFEL (in homage to the song of Zappy Max and Jacques Hélian) whose objective is to resonate the great french standards around the world.

As these outstanding musicians are not unaware of the most beautiful works that have made the great hours of French popular music. They decide to meet in a collective, which is much more than an orchestra, since the musicians who compose it take small breaks nostalgic or simply come to recharge the sound of the inevitable melodies of our heritage.
These timeless works for accordion that they make resonate during each of the performances of this ensemble that decides today to pass a course by fixing for posterity a first album that will regroup titles specially selected for the many performances that PARIS EIFFEL TOWER has given to the four corners of the without ever having offered a record to his audience!
The first album recorded by this Orchestrapay  hommage to sometimes forgotten names (Geo Koger, George Ulmer, Vincent Scotto) but also to more popular composers such as Francis Lemarque, Charles Trenet ...

A first album with a very Parisian sound - yet intended for the greatest number - but destined for an international career. PARIS TOUR EIFFEL finally allowing everyone to hear the original sound of the Parisian suburbs!

In memory of one of their favorite french singer, Joe Dassin, they now decide to join his son, Julien Dassin, whom they accompany now on all the stages of the world.

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Paris Tour Eiffel Orchestra's members each have a hugge carrier with several awards and golden records

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