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FGL LICENSING, since 1981

FGL-LICENSING is one of the leading independent lights of of the European music industry (for shows, synchronization, branding, digital and products distribution).

Established in Paris in 1981, the company began life concentrating on the re-issue of major works from the popular music catalogue. It then became an active producer in the many domains of music. Nowadays, FGL-LICENSING’s repertoire runs to twenty of thousand of mastertracks including wordwide hits.

The company and his chairman Thierry Wolf also developed a publishing department and video production house for its many artists, along with the addition of documentaries and even the executive production of movies.

Every year, hundreds of tracks from our repertoire fit perfectly to illustrate television films, TV or Internet commercials,  branding, Movies  or video games soundtracks .

Since fourthy years, we are proud to work  with welknows artists such as RED ARMY CHOIR, BOLSHOI THEATER...

For new development axis of FGL LICENSING, we also has acquired  licences of production for shows to dedcated one department of our company to live performances.

Strong experience with artists and theatre companies in the past means FGL LICENSING can offer major development in France, Europe and Eastern Europe to clients.

Our company also uses its network of worldwide partners to produce every year the international tours of artists or prestigious shows such as THE RED ARMY CHOIR, MAZOWSZE, CRAZY HORSE PARIS, FRANCIS LAI ORCHESTRA, etc.

Thirty eight years after its creation we are proud of our company for its experience in disc production, video, music synchronization for movies or commercials, and organisation of shows in France and abroad FGL PRODUCTIONS... or FGL… F as Fidelity, G as Generous, L as Liberated and independent since 1981

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We propose you vinyles limited editions of cult albums from our differents labels